About Me !


Meet me, its me Husnain Murtaza, expert in digital marketing and also founder of hameez.com N I am here to help you out in learning digital marketing. I’ll be sharing the top trending and mind blowing technical news and ideas on hacking, Deep web on daily basis. Visit us, you’ll get a huge collection of guides n MCQ’s about digital marketing.

Well, I have started my race into the digital world from its origin, in my educational background, then I gained more knowledge, researched and then I looked into content writing, blogging SEO and Digital Marketing and now I am blessed with the experience of 4 years as a Digital Marketing Expert.

I have started Search Engine Optimization in 2013, and it wasn’t much difficult to do keyword stuffing, some specific covered keywords and your performance is upto the mark.

Now optimization is getting a bit difficult for optimizers after 2016, but Google has tried to resolve this problem by introducing such algorithms that has made the search engine more user friendly according to your expectations. You can not dodge or deceive Google so you really need to put heavy effort to reach at the top in Google.

In 2018, after the release of Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon, RankBrain, Possum, Fred, mobile and some other algorithms, the most specifically Artificial intelligence ig Google Search ALgorithm, it has become as difficult as to reach at the top of the mountain to score in Google.

But there is nothing to be worried about, if you have a great and real business and you are following the right path in an honest way then definitely you will must get reward for your effort.

Why Viral News

I have been anxious to research and collect information about the most trending and viral affairs or the news going on around the world, so I would love to share and spread such information and facts with you as well. Just be in touch with me if you don’t want to miss any latest update.

Hameez History

I have started hameez.com in the beginning of 2018, Hameez is an arabic word that means “Smart” and “Intelligent”.

In My Digital Marketing Blogs, i’ll be teaching you by putting my full effort and struggle in order to reach on the top rank in Google.