Best Free Blogging Platforms – Blogging Tips

Best Free Blogging Platforms - Blogging Tips

Blog is a written piece of content, published on web. Blog is written in informal or conversational style so that the reader can understand it better.

People also used blogs as their routine diaries about famous person’s life, social commentaries or about political views.

Nowadays Blogging is very powerful and most popular way of communicating and spreading information. Blogging is a very good online source to express your ideas, Knowledge and Creativity with online community.

Why Blogging is Important:

(Blogging – A Choice For Businesses)

  • Blogging is an easy way to express about yourself.
  • With blogging you can connect yourself with same mind persons.
  • Fresh and dynamic content blogging can make your blog site more better.
  • With blogging you can build a better same mind communities.
  • Blogging can develop your site into a large site where you blog can become a one-stop resource for your readers to plan their personal research.
  • With blogging you can expand your friends community, business associates and clients.
  • These platforms are easy to use CMS (content management systems).
  • It enables you to establish yourself easily as an expert in your interest field.
  • It makes easy use of oral communication marketing and viral marketing to promote your services and products far more smoothly than any other marketing methods can do.
  • It eventually lead to your blog becoming powerful site, which can achieve ranking well in search engines.

Best Free Blogging Platform

  1. Blog:

    Path: Blog

  2. WordPress:

    Path: WordPress

  3. Coschedule:

    Path: Coschedule Blog

  4. Buffer:

    Path: Buffer Blog

  5. Neil Patel:

    Path: Neilpatel Blog

  6. Blogger:

    Path: Blogger

  7. Penzu:

    Path: Penzu

  8. Squarespace:

    Path: Squarespace

  9. Medium:

    Path: Medium

  10. Svbtle:

    Path: Svbtle

  11. Tumblr:

    Path: Tumblr

  12. Webs:

    Path: Webs

  13. Weebly:

    Path: Weebly

  14. Wix:

    Path: Wix

  15. Ghost:

    Path: Ghost

  16. Joomla:

    Path: Joomla

  17. Typepad:

    Path: Typepad

  18. Drupal:

    Path: Drupal

  19. Michael Hyatt:

    Path: Michael Hyatt Guideline

  20. ShoutMeLoud:

    Path: |Submit Guest Post

  21. Content Marketing Institute:

    Path: Submission guidelines

  22. HubSpot:

    Path: Submission guidelines

  23. TinyBuddha:

    (About Spirituality & life hacks)

  24. Path: Submission Guidelines

  25. Outbrain:

    Path: Submission guidelines

  26. Copyblogger:

    Path: Submit Guest Post

  27. Daily Blog Tips:

    Path: Daily Blog Tips |Submit Guest Post

  28. Basic Blog Tips:

    Path: BasicBlogTips |Submit Guest Post


    Path: Read guidelines before submitting

  30. Kissmetrics:

    Path: Submission guidelines

  31. The Huffington Post:

    Path: Submission Guidelines

  32. The Sits girls:

    Path: How to submit

  33. HellBound Bloggers:

    Path: Write for us

  34. More Blogs on Blogging/Marketing:

  35. Successful Blogging:

    Path: Submission guidelines

  36. The Write life:

    Path: Submission Guidelines

  37. Inspiration2Feed:

    Path: Submit guest post

  38. Marketing Profs:

    Path: Submit guest post

  39. Small Biz Trends:

    Path:Submit guest post

  40. Readwrite :

    Path: |Submit Guest Post

  41. ShoutMeTech:

    Path:  ShoutMeTech |Submit Guest Post

  42. iAmWire:

    Path: Submit guest post

  43. TechWalls:

    Path: Write for us

  44. Moz Blog:

    Path: Moz |Submit Guest Post

  45. Social Media Today:

    Path: |Submit Guest Post

  46. Social Media Examiner:

    Path: Socialmediaexaminer |Submit Guest Post

  47. Designing

  48. Onextrapixel:

    Path: |Submit Guest Post

  49. Webdesignledger:

    Path: Webdesignledger |Submit Guest Post

  50. Webanddesigners:

    Path: |Submit Guest Post

  51. Dailyartfixx:

    Path: Dailyartfixx |Submit Guest Post

  52. Skyje:

    Path: |Submit Guest Post

  53. Scary Mommy:

    Path: Scary Mommy(Parenting & pregnancy niche)

  54. Wayne Dyer:

    Path: Wayne Dyer Blog

  55. John Maxwell:

    Path: John Maxwell Blog

  56. Michael McKinney:

    Path: Michael McKinney Blog