Blog Traffic Generator


There are lot of tools who Show themselves as Blog Traffic Generator. Many people invest thousand of Dollar to get traffic on their blog.

Here is a list of few Blog Traffic Generator Tools:


2. Pro Builder Plus

3. Monster-Traffic

4. TrafficWave

5. One Million Clicks

6. Auto Traffic Generator

7. Active Web Traffic

8. Traffic Magnet

9. Daytona Traffic Generator

But here is a fact:

There is nothing like Blog traffic Generator. To get traffic on your website you have to take steps there is no Oscillator. You had to write quality content. Do search engine optimization of your website. Share your content on Social media platform. Engage your visitors on Social media and on your website.

There is a fierce competition nowadays, So you need to be persistent put all your effort on Quality content generation.

Q: I found some Tools that really help me to auto generate traffic, How you can say they are fake?

A: That traffic that you seen on yuor website is not traffic, those are only Stats. They create some spiders who visit your site again and again and your website stat increased.


Yes, Using Auto Traffic Generator Tools has their consequences too. First of all that stats based traffic doesn’t had any benefit, i mean you cannot generate revenue with that traffic. Secondly, If Google got you that you are using some robot based Traffic generator then There is a sad news for you Google will Ban you and you will no longer ranked up in Google Search.

What to do?

As I said earlier, Use stairs:

  • Create Quality Content on website
  • Optimize your website speed and Content
  • Build a relationship with your customers by engaging them
  • Do keyword research to Rank your keywords
  • Use Social Media platform to generate traffic (Social media channels are the most powerful SEO facotrs nowadays)
  • Create content on daily basis and share with your Audiance