Create your Website with Content Management Systems

Top 14 Content Management Systems

Content Management is not an easy thing to do. Especially when it comes to Large Organizations/bulk content. In custom developed website’s it is hard to manage content in a specific strategy, and the toughest thing is coding.
For a custom developed website, you need a highly experienced developer, who had a good grip on coding and well how know about hacking. Therefore, he can write code carefully to secure site from hackers.

In the early days of internet, having on website is costly, not everyone can afford a personal website. Because you need a programmer/developer to develop your site. However, nowadays there is lot of content Management systems, where anyone can create his own website without coding skills, you just need to do some customization and boom your website is ready to publish.

What is Content management System?

CMS (Content Management system) are those tools, which already had lot of website templates. You just need to pick your favorite designed website, customize it with simple drag and drop, selecting options, edit your personal information and information about your product for which you are launching your website and your website is ready.

Why content management Systems?

To develop a website without CMS you need high level programming skills. That is why Content Management system came to exist and you know these are not costly. If you use free template then you do not need to pay for website, but in case if you want some specific design then there are many paid themes/templates which are not too costly. So content management systems are less costly and less time taking.

Do you know: A simple Content Management System based website only take 10 to 20 minutes.

Even Coders also used CMS systems in these days, because they are less costly and more efficient, less effortless and most importantly less time taking.

What are some of the famous CMS systems?

There is lot of Content management systems. You can use any one, but here I listed few of the major and most famous CMS systems. If you know about programming then I also mention these CMS systems supported Databases and used platforms so you can also customize your website with your coding skills.




Supported Databases



MySQL, MariaDB






MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, SQLite
















Kentico CMS


SQL Server


ASP.NET (Web Forms, MVC)

SQL Server, SQL CE, SQL Azure, MySQL



Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Django CMS


PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite 3 and Oracle



Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2



H2, Derby, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL

With the help of these Content management systems you can easily launched your own website without any coder help.

How to Launch Website?

To launch your website you need a website domain and hosting server. Attach your domain with your hosting server and simply insert your website data into c panel of your hosting to make your website live.

How to customize website?

There are two ways of customizing your website.

One: You can make your PC local host by simply installing wamp server, xammp (there are also some other tools available you can use any). Just simply install your preferred tool and download wordPress/Wix etc setup from their official website. Customize your theme on local host and shift to your online server to make your website live.

Two: Second option is to customize your website on live edition. Install your preferred CMS system on your hosting customize your website on server then attach your domain with your hosting server and make your website live.

How much cost I have to bear?

CMS based website are less costly. The only cost you had to bear is the cost of purchasing domain and hosting. You can use free website templates or in case if you need some wonderful theme then you can buy paid themes/templates in very less cost it’s around 5$ to 100$” approx.

In my Next Blog I will teach you how to Create a Free Website With free hosting and domain.