Content Marketing – Attributes and Misconceptions

Content Marketing - Attributes and Misconceptions

In this blog I will shortly explain about the Major Attributes and Misconceptions about Content Marketing.

Content marketing is a strategy to drive profitable customer actions, It is majorly all about:

  • Creating
  • Distributing
  • Relevant
  • Consistent
  • Valuable Content

Well this is a common definition; CM Definition depends on your business need, Like:
Sharing Success stories on Social media is simply described “Getting Attention – Showing Success Rate”.

Digital Content Marketing

If you think Digital Content Marketing and CM is same then you are not Right here. There is a huge difference between both. Social Media is the source of Digital Content Marketing, while Content Marketing is as old as Human history.

It focused on creating content, publishing on owned Channels and distribute them on targeted Audiance Online; Via Social Media channels.

Content Marketing Major Attributes

There are many attributes of CM, but here I am shortly describing few major of them:

  • CM is Organizations Core Brand element.
  • Share your brand stories by using the variety of Media formats, like Content, Infographics, eBooks, Photographs, Videos, PDFs and presentations.
  • The Content should be readable on all devices, like, PCs, laptops, tablets, smart phones etc.
  • Distribute your content via Original Sources, third party services (Guest blogging) and Social Forms.
  • Calls to action Strategy and also promotional offers and Codes.

Whatever the definition you believe of it, the basic purpose of CM is to attract and retain customer’s attention, by providing them valuable stuff.

Misconceptions About Content Marketing

  • It is not just about content; it is about demonstrating Value and building customers trust, getting customer’s attention.
  • It is not about selling stuff and promoting offers; it is about creating a relation with customer.
  • CM is not native advertisement; because you own media and you are not paying someone to distribute your content.
  • Another misconception is that it is replacing Search Engine Optimization, well it’s not true; they both work together but SEO is more technical that’s why only technical peoples are getting into SEO rest thinks Content Marketing is better Option for businesses.

Is Content Marketing Replacing Other Forms of Marketing?

Many people think that, CM is replacing other forms of marketing well it is not true. It is another source of marketing like, advertisement on channels, newspapers, FM’s. CM is gaining more attention, because it is less costly and give much better result. While other source of Marketing is costly, that is why peoples are more interested in CM. In that sense we can say “Yes” it is replacing other forms of marketing.

Why Content Marketing Matters?

According to the Research of CMI (Content Marketing institute):

“9 out of 10 marketers are Using Content marketing”

There are lot of reasons behind this a few I have mention earlier, I mentions some more Pin point here to elaborate why marketers are more interested in CM:

  1. It has been able to convert 30% more organic traffic into high-quality sales leads. (Source)
  2. Website conversion rates can double from 6% to 12% when an inbound strategy is put into place. (Source)
  3. Inbound tactics can save a business an average of 13% in overall cost per lead. (Source)
  4. 60% of decision-makers reported that it helped them make better purchasing decisions. (Source)
  5. Approximately 60% of marketers believe their “ROI from Content Marketing is increasing” or remaining the same. (Source)
  6. 73% of surveyed marketers stated that “content marketing creates improved brand awareness”. (Source)
  7. B2B companies that maintain a blog generated 67% more leads than companies who do not blog. (Source)
  8. 78% of CMOs believe custom content will be the future of Marketing. (Source)
  9. 80% of people appreciate learning about brand via custom Content. (Source)
  10. Around 40% of the world population is connected to the Internet. (Source)
  11. Advice

    It is much effective and is growing continuously. You need to plan CM for your Business to reach more customers and stay competitive in your Market.

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