Google Algorithms Explained

major Google Algorithms

Google Pigeon

She is a Homebody and like to keep things local. SO it’s better for you to get yourself on Map. Pigeon Algorithm like things simple and straightforward. SO avoid inconsistency in your address and info.

Google Mobile Friendly

It’s a sort of simple update. This algorithm make sure is your page is mobile friendly for mobile users or not. SO you need a mobile friendly responsive website to rank high in mobile search

Google Hummingbird

Hummingbird ALgorithm is Intuitive. It understands the meaning of search. Hummingbird algorithm looks for concepts over keywords. So try to write your content for Users Not for Spiders (Crawlers).

Google panda

It is wise. Google Panda Algorithm believes that you should earn your rank. Panda Algorithm do not like duplicate content (Mean Plagiarism). Don’t Bother with keyword stuffing. He is super Intelligent for that…

Google Pirate

It is Anti-thief. Pirate Algorithm will throw you over board if he caught you sharing pirated content. So! Stay away from those sites who has high copyright infringement reports.

Google Rankbrain

This algorithm is totally based on machine-learning AI (Artificial Intelligence). He knows the user is and he shows results based on locations. There is no such Optimization that you can do here. THe business which is close to the searchers location will get high in ranking.

Google Fred

Fred Algorithm works on affiliate links and ads. He knows you are selling something and what. If your content and links are Good you are Good for him.