How to Optimize Paid Search Advertising Campaign

How to Optimize Paid Search Advertising Campaign

Search Advertising is a method of placing advertisements on Online platforms – Digital marketing Expert

In the World of Internet Marketing, those advertisements that you see in search Engine Queries or in web pages are called “Search Advertisements“. It is also called Paid Search Advertising and PPC (Pay-Per Click) Advertisement because on every click advertiser pay a small amount of money. This technique helps you to directly target your audience without wasting your time on ranking keywords in search Engine. (Wiki Definition)

The shortest and quickest way to optimise your campaign is to focus on relevancy. Relevant landing page with relevant campaign linked to a relevant Ad is a WIN WIN thing. Ali Raza – Digital Marketing Specialist

Search Advertisements are basically based on matched keyword searched terms. This ability of Advertising attracts advertiser rather than any other advertisement method. Because related advertisement attracts visitors to click on ads.

“Chances of Clicking on Ads increased if user see related advertisement to his searched queries.”

Search Advertising is also useful for online user because it reduced the users time cost and increase his accessibility chances to more useful information.

Search Advertisement is an important part of nowadays users browsing. Search Advertisement is a fast result oriented technique for Advertisers rather than Search engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing old techniques.

Search Advertising Google Definition

“Ads on the Google Search Network help you reach the right people at the right time using relevant keyword lists. The modules in this course help students develop a strong understanding of search advertising optimization best practices and helps prepare students for the Search Advertising exam” – Google Definition

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Search Advertising Examples

Here is a Search Advertising Example:

Search Advertising Examples- new york luxury homes

I search for “New york Luxury Homes” and here is the result (as shown in given above Picture). These top three results are Search Advertising Examples. this is how search Advertisements shown in search Results.

How it Works?

Search Advertising is a powerful technique to get quality clicks and visitors. Advertisers “Bid” on their related keywords to show up their product/services. The more accurate Bid increase the chances of real customer.

Search Advertisement is less costly and fast result oriented technique. You can limit your advertising according to your budget.

“Advertising is the tax you pay for being unremarkable” – Big Think

Types of Search Advertising

The most common and better search Advertising platform is Google Adwords. Mostly Advertisers use Google adwords for their Search Advertising campaigns but few peoples also used other resources like Bing, Marin Software, Clickable, Search Force etc.

How to Do Search Advertising?

Ideal Keywords research is the first important step for Search Advertising. You chances of appear in first more increased if you choose the correct Keyword for your Product/services. There are many free SEO keyword research tools which helps you to maximize your ROI (Return On Investment).

Keyword Research Tools

Here is a list of few Keyword Research Tools:

  1. Google Keyword planner
  2. Google Correlate
  4. Ubersuggest
  5. Ahrefs
  6. LongTailPro
  7. KWFinder
  8. SpyFU
  9. WordTracker
  10. SERPStat

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To get a quality result you need to do quality work. Describe your product/service is short but clear ways to get user attraction. Create your Advertisement with your targeted community related keyword. And never forget Call to Action button.

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