How to do Facebook Advertising Effectively?

How to do Facebook Advertising Effectively

Facebook is the world’s largest social network service website in the world. At the beginning of 2004, it was mainly to meet the mutual exchanges among college students and the entertainment and leisure experience of daily life.

So far it has developed into a portal that provides a platform for any user to engage in dialogue, self-expression, and expression of their own personal needs.

The continuous increase of Facebook users, its use is no longer confined to the mere provision of social services, more and more companies have begun to attract customers through Facebook and sell their own brands. Nowadays, many domestic foreign trade companies have begun to use Facebook to do foreign trade marketing.

The benefits Facebook can have for businesses:

  • Users are easier to find when searching for corporate products or services;
  • Connect more closely with customers and potential customers;
  • Create an exchange community for the enterprise itself;
  • Can more directly promote the resources created by enterprises.

How to promote Facebook Page?

After successfully creating a page, you can increase your popularity by the following methods.

Rich page

Make full use of applications such as discussion board and YouTube to enrich pages. Facebook users like to browse their friends’ profile pages and their friends’ pages of interest. Content-rich pages intangibly attract users’ attention.

Take advantage of viral marketing features

Let “fans” really participate in the page activity. Rich pages also allow fans who come to the page to “do something”. Once the fans comment on the anecdotes on the page, Facebook’s viral marketing feature will publish this behavior to their friends in the form of a “news feed.” That is, after the user logs in, they will see that a friend recently posted a comment on an interesting story on your page, and he also comes to your page.

Use existing network

Tell corporate e-mail users and blog readers that they can now follow Facebook’s latest news by becoming Facebook fans.

  • Include the page in a public search: Make sure that the company page is “public”.
  • Using Facebook Ads: Facebook allows users to advertise pages, groups, events, etc., as detailed below.

Facebook Groups and Pages

The group is also one of the most convenient ways for Facebook viral marketing. In addition to creating pages, companies can also create a group. The biggest difference between the two is that the group is like setting up a discussion page for a group of like-minded people, and the page is more like a window through which the company displays its achievements to the outside through Facebook. Once the users become team members, they will use the invitation function brought by the group to invite friends to participate. If the friends are also interested, the number of the group will increase rapidly.

However, due to the proliferation of numbers, many groups have been flooded with spam in the late stages. On the other hand, the group’s administrators are not as invisible as the page manager. The information published by the group manager is displayed in his own name, and the page is published in the name of the company. Although the group may appear to be more vulnerable to virus marketing than the page, it does not enjoy all of Facebook’s applications. It can only provide group members with basic discussions and sharing services.