Most Common HTTP Response Codes Errors

Most Common HTTP Response Codes Errors

Some of the most common HTTP response codes are listed below:

200 OK – Request was Successful.

201 Created – Request was successful and a resource was created. Used to confirm PUT or POST request.

400 Bad Request – The request was malformed. 400 bad request error happens because of POST and PUT requests, when data is in the wrong format or does not pass validation.

404 Not Found – Required resource could not be found. no corresponding resource URL.

401 Unauthorized – Authentication required before accessing the resource.

405 Method Not Allowed – Not supported HTTP method for this resource.

409 Conflict – Create the same resource twice by using PUT request.

500 Internal Server Error – Processing fails due to unanticipated circumstances on the server side (Server Error Out)

450 HTTP – Windows Blocked page because of Parental Controls.