Hydrogen Cryptocurrency – New Innovation in the field of Digital Currency

Hydrogen Cryptocurrency - New Innovation in the field of Digital Currency

Hydrogen Cryptocurrency (HYDRO) is the latest innovative of blockchain, it is a seamless combination of both new and current personal units to transparent utilization and dynamics immutable of a standard public blockchain. To complete everyday tasks they can boost productivity effectively.


  • Document and software protection
  • Daily transactions
  • Identification administration

Hydro cryptocurrency will enhance the safety by Employing PAM (Public authentication Modules) by deploying the “raindrop”. Raindrop facilitates transactions through contract and public endorsement method entry. User can utilize in conjunction with private authentication method also.

Raindrop is more secure for it’s users who has sensitive financial data, it enables the private information protection via third party.

Hydrogen Cryptocurrency will be implemented by his very own Hydrogen API platform. This block-chain is unique from other existed enterprise block-chain. It will exist independently and devoid the required systemic changes.

How Hydrogen Cryptocurrency Works

Bitcoin is in the middle while different digital currencies will be in circle.

Hydrogen Cryptocurrency (HYDRO) is an innovative blockchain which allows the seamless combination of both current and new personal units to utilize the transparent and immutable dynamics of a standard public blockchain.

Hydrogen cryptocurrency need Hydro authentication protocol, which needs primarly four assemblies, includes:

Accessor: DApp facilitating the utilization of the APIs of hydrogen in it’s central infrastructure.

Technique: Native Hydro API will be the gateway of accessor.

Hydro: Connectivity of interfacing with blockchain is th essential module utilization technique.

Blockchain: All Hydro interior transactions and processes which will be perform by ditrubuted public ledger.