28 SEO Tips To Improve Keywords Ranking

28 SEO Tips To Improve Keywords Ranking

    Key words position, density, treatment

  1. Keywords appearing in the URL (English)
  2. Keywords appear in page title (1-3)
  3. Keyword tag appears in the keywords (1-3)
  4. Description of keywords appear in the label (the main keywords repeat 2 times)
  5. Content naturally appears keywords
  6. Keywords appear in the first and last paragraph of the content
  7. H1, H2 tags appear keywords
  8. The exported link anchor text contains keywords
  9. The image file name contains keywords
  10. The ALT attribute appears in the keyword
  11. Key words density 6-8%
  12. Bold or italic for keywords
  13. Content quality, update frequency, relevance

  14. Original content is the best, should not be repeated content
  15. Content independence, at least 30% different from other pages
  16. 1000-2000 words, reasonable segmentation
  17. There are regular updates, preferably every day
  18. The content is expanded around the page keywords, related to the whole site theme With comments, comments appear keywords
  19. Import links and anchor text

  20. Import links for high PR sites
  21. Import links for contextual pages
  22. The import link anchor text contains page keywords
  23. Anchor text exists in the web content
  24. Anchor text appears around the relevant keywords
  25. Import links exist for more than 3 months
  26. There are fewer than 100 export links on the page where the import link is located
  27. Import links come from different IP addresses
  28. Import links naturally increase
  29. Anchor text diversification (eg, SEO and SEO 100,000 why)
  30. Master the above SEO techniques, you can make your keyword rankings have improved significantly.

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