Is your Android Device Secure?

Is your Android Device Secure

In the past days, many warning has been given to Android manufacturers that open ADB debug port setups make android insecure and hackers can hack devices. But still manufacturers are delivering android devices with open ADB debug port.

What is ADB (Android Debug Bridge)?

ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge (ADB) and it is a command-line feature which is generally used for debugging and diagnostic purposes. ADB helps developers to communicate remotely with Android devices and with this method they execute commands. Developers can even control the device completely with ADB.

Local Developers Control ADB by using USB ports to execute commands to diagnose and debug device. But the expert developers can also control Android devices wireless with daemon server at TCP port 5555.

If the ADB port left open after diagnose and debugging that means now your android device is insecure and then hackers can easily find open ADB port devices via Internet, and hackers can easily install malware viruses without any authentication/approval.

Therefore it is recommended to Dealers/shippers that they should disable ADB ports before shipping android devices so secure these devices from hackers. Nowadays few dealers and doing so but lot of dealer and not following the instructions and making android device more insecure and customers privacy is more at risk.

“This is highly problematic as it allows anybody — without any password — to remotely access these devices as ‘root’* — the administrator mode — and then silently install software and execute malicious functions,” Kevin Beaumont said (Medium blog).

If you are thinking this is just a theoretical thread then you are not right “Chinese security firm Qihoo 360’s” discover ADB bug in android devices with XMR malware.

ADB debug connection are not encrypted so it’s advice to Android customers disable ADB debug quickly so secure their android devices from being hacked and facing malware attacks by hackers.

How to Disable ADB “Android Debug Bridge”?

Here is a Video Guide to Disable ADB “Android Debug Bridge”.