Which country is on Top in Buying Drugs from Dark Web


Over the several years, Dark web is a source of various types of services, Good, bad even Illegal. With the passage of time more people are aware to dark web, are in process and they want to try it out.

In the start of this year GDS revealed that very soon London, Berlin and New York will be the cities where cocaine delivered faster than the Pizza.

Shocking? Right!

Demand for the drug is high and delivery time is getting short and short.

GDS teams compared Pizza to Cocaine in their research to see which delivered fast, and their reports shows that 25% Drug service is fast.

In their research they found that in total around 65,000 people from different countries attracts immediately. And the sad news is that generally young males around the age of 21 are the buyer of drugs from dark web.

In research 40% people said that they firstly acquire drug from dark web. They browse several categories, and they the get access to various types of drugs and web indication was that they were trying new things.

Some drugs buyers also tells that after buying some products they do not need to access dark web more. Tey request their vender for direct supply and can purchase directly from vender by simply sending a message to their number and they make payment via crypto-currency.