Windows Hacking: How to Hack a Windows 8 password without any software

windows hacking complete steps

Sometime computer user forgets their password. when you forget your password, or you want to hack someone else’s computer without their permission, this article will help you to learn how to change or hack an administrator password on a computer you don’t have the password for. 8.please follow these steps


windows hacking 1st step

The first step to hacking or resets administrator password of windows 8 is to inert windows 8 DVDs or boot from usb. Then press enter key then you will have at this stage that shown in picture. Now press shift+f10 you will be at next stage shown below

diskpart commands list

After pressing shift+f10 this command prompt will be open.

Now type command “diskpart “and press enter you will in diskpart utility. This command is because we can see or access to our hard disk drive. This is often happening when we boot from installer DVDs the driver letter will be changed

To see drive type command “list volume” and press enter. After press enter you see there is two drive volume is shown. D drive is DVDs ROM and C drive is hard disk where windows 8 is installed. Now type “exit” command and press enter

to see drive volume of windows 8

To see volume in drive type command “dir” and press enter. Now we can see that this is directory where windows were installed. Now we will make some changes to windows folder using hack trick to get or reset password

the main hack trick of windows 8

As we type “cd windows” we go to the windows folder. Now type “cd system 32” and press enter. Now we” copy cmd.exe to cmd1.exe” There is a file name utilman.exe called utility manger from this file we can access on screen key board narrator etc. We will” copy utilman.exe file to utilman1.exe”. now we delete utilnam.exe using command “del utilman.exe” press enter. After deleting utilman file now rename cmd.exe to utilman.exe type “rename cmd.exe utilman.exe” press enter and then exit as we open our utility manger command prompt will be open

ease of access become command prompt after hack trick apply

Now click on the ease of access button in this picture which is circled a command prompt will be opened if our hack trick will work.

final steps of hacking

Now type command “net user “to view your user account

Now type command “net user administrator *

 type a password for the user:

retype the password to confirmed:

you can type password or press enter key for empty after this your locked computer will be opened